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    MercenaryS Leadership Tree

    Supreme General Beckbond
    - The outfit/community leader while he may not be very active in your game of choice make no mistake he is watching.

    Planetside 2 leaders and outfit co-leaders

    Planetside 2 senior officers

    Those people above and only those people are permitted to speak for this outfit unless you have been given specific instructions otherwise by one of those people.

    The rules:
    If you see the outfit mentioned in any thread do not reply to that thread. Bring the thread in question to the attention of any of the people listed above and if we deem it necessary we will respond to it. Often we will ignore negative comments as the silence tends to just feed our reputation in a good way but again this is for the leadership to decide.

    Do not EVER directly slate/insult/call out other outfits. There is no need for it. If you have a specific complaint about an outfit either pm /tell or email their outfit leader or better yet bring it up with us and we will address it. By public throwing shit like a monkey you make yourself and your outfit (MercenaryS) look like dicks.

    Do not speak for the outfit. Simple really. On all forums it is easy to see which outfit you represent and therefore what you say and how you say it can reflect badly on the outfit

    Why does this rule exist?
    We are a gaming community that has existed for 12 years, this isn’t an easy achievement it requires a lot of work on the part of all members but especially on the part of the leadership. This rule is part of a few we have to ensure the future of the community and its continued growth. The leadership of the outfit has a specific goal of how they want the outfit to be perceived by the public and this rule helps us do that.
    Every one of the aforementioned leaders weighs up what they post regarding the outfit, know how we want people perceive us and post regarding the outfit only when needed.
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