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30 Jul 2018 21:09

    Healers (excluding Paladins and Priests) and ranged DPS considered going into BFA.

    Who are MercenaryS?

    We are first and foremost a community (18+). We come together to play our games in a co-operative and successful way while having fun. We span many countries with members from all walks of life and nearly all of our members are 24+. We started out in 2002 in Operation Flashpoint playing successfully in competitive ladders.

    Planetside came along in 2003 which quickly turned into our main focus. We became recognised as perhaps the best EU NC outfit and arguably the best EU outfit across all factions.

    In Global Agenda we were again a formidable presence, winning most of the seasons of the EU region in the first year after the title launched.

    In Planetside 2, we again won the title of number one clan in Europe and it's with this core group of players that we've come to WoW, looking to have some fun and get shit done in a friendly semi-serious semi-casual environment.

    MercenaryS has a diverse community that spans across many different game genres. Don't be shy about joining others in games outside World of Warcraft.

    What we are looking for:

    <MercenaryS> are recruiting skilled players first and foremost. Players who think critically about their performance and ask themselves how they can improve.

    Healers (excluding Paladins and Priests) and ranged DPS considered going into BFA.

    What we offer:

    We will give you a community to be proud of. A place you can call home and have fun. Team play at a level that has allowed us to reach the pinnacles of other games without losing our identity.

    We're a more mature bunch in terms of age (average is about 26) but you wouldn't know that if you joined us on TeamSpeak.


    Know your role.
    TeamSpeak 3 with working microphone.
    Be active on our forums. We post a lot of important information there!
    Come prepared to raids. Flasks, food, pots, enchants, gems, etc.

    Raid Times:

    7pm GMT


    Along with various Mythic+ during the week

    How to apply:

    Head on over to our forums to make an application.

    For further information about the application, please contact Kanum#21896, Phattie#2420, Isfadel#2450 or SykkaFTW#2471 and have a chat with us.
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