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Another dumb projekt. Linoleum mousepad.

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2017 17:29
by Arris365
Hey wanted to try a hard mousepad again, had a razer manticor but was to small in the end, så my brother got it a while back.

Figured I make one myself, cause the ones you can buy are just to small. Pad looks god no tracking issues, but still a little bumpy (not so much you can fell it by touch but needs a bit more wet sanding).

Image ... 9.jpg?dl=0

You can kinda choose how griddy you want the pad by how high you go in sandpaper tryed 150, 180, and now 320 (but that might be to soft a feel). All you need to do to maintain it is soap it op (soape flakes or "Probat" not braun soap).

Not sure this is any good in the long run, but I am so tired of cleaning soft mousepads. And im not doing anything competitive atm so why not try it for a while.

Re: Another dumb projekt. Linoleum mousepad.

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2017 18:47
by Corruptlol
probably enough for grim dawn :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Re: Another dumb projekt. Linoleum mousepad.

PostPosted: 24 Jul 2017 17:01
by Arris365
So a little update on the project, it has largely been a success.

I had to drop treating it with soap, it was way to inconsistent in the surface wore up too fast in some areas. Bumpy feel stopped when it dryed out completely, but did wett sanded it again, this time with oil messy but worked better (too much water on the pad wasn't good).

Treating it with oil this time, have only used "food oils" and a oil with maybe a bit of bee wax in it would be a good idea (or just a waxy oil aimed at furniture treatment or something like that).

Now haven't tested it properly yet in shooters yet, but still have no tracking issues. Once i have tested if the new surface will last, i'll have to test it in shooters. But I think snapping to targets is not going to be as good as a soft mouse pad. You tend to break better on a soft mouse pad, cause you can do a light press down to stop. But this might just be a case of new habits.

For basic office use and grim dawn gaming I do enjoy using the pad, height of the pad is only around 1-1,5 mm so it's comfy.

Re: Another dumb projekt. Linoleum mousepad.

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2017 17:17
by Arris365
Toke all of 2-3 min in lawbreakers to find out this does just not work, so project is scraped you just don't have any control.

Next project is gonna be changing the mouse wheel in the g502 just too nosy (when scroolin! don't mind it beind metal), gotten worse since i got a new desk that is hollow in the middel. I sound like someone is knocking on the knocking in the other side of the table when scrooling sometimes, and doing it because i can.