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17 Jun 2018 22:36

    In our recent event, Jolly was saying he got 80 - 100 FPS from his upgrade from an Ivy Bridge i7 to Coffee Lake i7. I found this pretty interesting as my performance is pretty bad in PS2 these days (occasionally dropping to slideshow levels), even though I expect it to be okay with my current setup; which is:

    i7 2700k @ 4.8 GHz with a Corsair H100i.
    MSI GeForce 970 @ stock
    8 GB of 1600hz DDR3 RAM
    250GB SanDisk SSD

    Quite sure it's all stable. Never gets too hot and never crashes.

    My i7 shouldn't be that far behind a modern one considering it's heavily OCed and I seriously doubt PS2 is using all six cores of a Coffee Lake i7. Strangely, I can also hear when my CPU is being pushed because the fan noise increases dramatically; which doesn't occur in PS2.

    Bar the VRAM my 970 shouldn't be that much worse than a 1060 6GB.

    Everything I've read suggests that RAM frequency isn't that big of a deal* because it's glacially slow compared to cache and increasing frequency trades off latency. *For the vast majority of games.

    Any clues what the limiting factor could be here?
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18 Jun 2018 02:06

    It's quite cut and dry really; your CPU just doesn't cut it any more. Not all GHz are created equal, and the IPC of your chip is miles behind an 8700k. See here for a direct comparison. Huge difference in both FPS in games and productivity (even single-threaded, ignore the multi-threaded stuff because it's not only higher IPC but 2 more cores). The reason your fans don't spin up much is because the CPU as a whole isn't being stressed because the game is terrible at multi-threading.
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18 Jun 2018 13:12

    Wanted to compare mine too, but I am getting no product ratings & comparison like you did Phattie. Just getting a white list.

    Would you know how an Intel Core i7-3770K would be holding up compared to the 8700k?
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18 Jun 2018 19:03

    It's an empty list because there were no direct comparisons made on the same tests. That said, I have the generation after yours, also heavily overclocked with proper watercooling and it still suffers in PS2. I'd say anyone Haswell or older can happily upgrade and will get a noticeable performance increase. That said, I'd wait until Q3/Q4 when the next gen Intel and AMD chips come out which are resistant to Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities in hardware as opposed to microcode. Intel are also reported to be slapping on 2 more cores to their top of the line desktop chips as well.
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18 Jun 2018 20:01

    The Intel chip will be fun to cool if the power draw is still on Skylake level with 8 cores and toothpaste
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18 Jun 2018 23:24

    They arent going to release anything you can't cool with a stock retail hsf.
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