Sooooo anyone want the old Mercs Planetside vids? Also hiiii

For anything non-game related

    Ello ello ello,

    Was wandering around an old HDD the other day and found a load of Merc vids and thought someone might want 'em and its been a time so hey! Sup? What you lads up to these days?

    EDIT: ha christ when is that sig from.
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    Yo Checo!

    Well you defo made me re-watch KornDemon 2, Mercenarys 2, as well as Corrupt's PS2 "Gal Droppin' Sundy Poppin'" vid. :cool:
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    Please Sir can I have some more!!!! :sinh1: :sinh1: :sinh1: :sshith1: :happyfraggin: :happyfraggin:

    will add more names to my tag when I get time ..
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    I feel honoured. :pistols4: [icon_thumright.gif]
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    Man, those were the days. KornDemon 2 was dope! Other ones were awesome too.
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