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20 Jul 2019 15:25

    Greetings Mercenary,

    I'm still around just lost in Battlefield V - if you have this i'm online Mondays mostly and add me for a game!

    :army26: GB
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22 Jul 2019 17:36

    Still fucking around in Planetside because somehow nobody made anything better yet :fuck1:
    It's so lonely out in space...
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22 Jul 2019 18:39

    SC 3.6 dropped this weekend - been playing a bit of that.
    I'm surprised that Jim hasn't bugged you into playing DayZ again.
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22 Jul 2019 22:04

23 Jul 2019 12:39

    Phattie wrote:Anything changed in 3.6 Louis?

    New atmospheric flight & hover mode are the main things, there's more missions as well.
    Havent been to the main city yet, just been doing missions on & around Yela.

    There are more stuff but ive not played around enough yet - ... ar-Citizen
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25 Jul 2019 07:58

    Fine and dandy, work keeps me busy plus loaned my gfx card to the missus as hers popped
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26 Jul 2019 20:08

    Alive and well! Working like a mofo, just went on vacation today!
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30 Jul 2019 08:57

    Play a bit of The Division 2 with Yurva and a french clan with a few of IRL friends. Gaming is very casual since I'm busy with work/sports/going out.
    Might try Star citizen but I would need a reinstall. Last time I tried, the game owuld not launch on my desktop rig. The gaming laptop launches it but is too weak.

    I will visit Jolly near the alps during my summerr road trip. Will post you guys a good photo!
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30 Jul 2019 20:43

    Started a new restaurant so working two jobs :/
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30 Jul 2019 23:55

    Jolly wrote:Started a new restaurant so working two jobs :/

    Nice, same place?

    Still mostly flying in virtual skies, I've goon full idiot on combat flight sims (DCS, IL2). As for the rest, life goes on, children growing, work always more, etc... :)
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04 Aug 2019 01:58

    Alive and well. Mostly in ARMA3 and BF5. But walking towards Dayz again. Jims in there and hes teling me he owns in the game. I just got to see that :army31:
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05 Aug 2019 12:51

    How do - hope you are all well. Still playing arma3, dayz and Star citizen.

    Anyone wants to go for a run, or crash horribly into a planet at 700m/s give me a shout. :headbang2:
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16 Aug 2019 15:26

    Still alive and grumpy as ever. I have played almost nothing the last 2 years (In fact, I haven't played anything in more than 6 months). Practically no spare time, but I hope it gets better soon.
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