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23 Dec 2019 18:33

    tl;dr Netflix have done a fantastic job on the Witcher stories with their season 1.

    Worth a free trial if you're in to the stories. If you've just played the game and not read the books, you might have to make the leap of a couple of episode... but well worth your time though.

    If you're not in to either story or game: skip. It's not HBO matrial (GoT)... though I reckon it has its own charm.
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23 Dec 2019 20:17

    Just finished episode 3, absolutely loving it so far. Henry Cavill has also done an incredible job portraying Geralt.
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23 Dec 2019 21:47

    Rather for the afficionados, I don't know if it can work with people that do not know/like the universe already.
    But for people liking the Witcher world, it's really cool! My first reaction "Oh dear, they started with Blaviken!"
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27 Dec 2019 22:01

    I read the Blaviken story first time round and thought nothing of it; nor second time around after watching the TV series.
    Its obviously meant to be some kind of Hobson's choice; but neither book nor tv make it that way.

    TV series if definitely a grower, not a shower. As they say in Q.E.
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01 Jan 2020 14:00

    Never played a game or read the stories but it was amazing can't wait for season 2+3
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01 Jan 2020 19:30

    I'm watching the mandalorian right now, the witcher is next
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