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19 May 2022 17:23

    Hey old comrades

    They just released Arma Reforger (Arma 3.5 road to Arma 4) on their new Engine Enfusion with the legendary island Everon:

    Basicly just work in progress till Arma 4 (2024 2025) but a real MCY veteran cannot avoid at least 1 tear drop when he hears about
    Le Moule, Montignac, Morton, St. Pierre. The GFX slighty improved since 2001

    Missing the old times G36 corner camping, respawn raping, Celery's multikills, Beckbonds leading, Frantic & SOS holding the line, Rufus and much more
    (not searching lemmie on the map)

    Greetings from CSM guerilla :headbang2:

    Remember the Vet mercs

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