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22 Mar 2014 13:27

22 Mar 2014 15:01

22 Mar 2014 15:05

    yeah, put two burster on it and hunt down those pesky farming aircrafts :P
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22 Mar 2014 17:34

    If it can't carry MAXes then I don't see what makes it any different to the Lib.
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22 Mar 2014 17:38

23 Mar 2014 16:45

    kanum wrote:If it can't carry MAXes then I don't see what makes it any different to the Lib.

    Hopefully speed - if it's as quick as an ESF, then it could make time critical drops that little bit easier.
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24 Mar 2014 14:13

    It's looks to be the PS2 version of the phantasm, but seeing as we don't have rexo in this game and I doubt a cloker driver will stealth it, the only thing that it would have going for it is if it can carry a max. Maxes can be inserted on the rumble seats of a fury, so I don't see why not.

    Could be useful for community clash when you don't want to full gal drop a point. I would also expect the resource cost to be lower.
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31 Mar 2014 22:21

    If it CAN carry Maxes (even if they can't fire from the rumble seats, cause flying Bursters would frankly be silly) - imagine the possibilities. We could go Vietcong on a base and STILL drop with the full squad setup including Maxes afterwards, just like with Gals. Yummy.
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31 Mar 2014 22:35

    2 annihilator HA could be usefull or 2 phoenixes for ground targets
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01 Apr 2014 18:23

    dunno, I'm not impressed.
    Theres so many other types of vehicle that I'd rather see added before an "I don't know if I'm a gunship or a transport" aircraft.

    - a 2 seat AA buggy (even just existing Skyguard wep on a harasser, but ideally ofc carbon copy from PS1)
    - an actual gunship and an actual bomber as 2 separate vehicles instead of Lib doing everything
    - mini Sunderer (aka Deliverer)
    - AMS that doesn't have to be baby-sat (invisible)
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