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18 Sep 2014 00:07

18 Sep 2014 00:30

    Was testing them on PTS.... there is also latest iteration of Striker. Flash/harasser physics are also improved (its actually HUGE difference)
    It's so lonely out in space...
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18 Sep 2014 08:09

    GermanSuplex wrote:

    This gallery contains a good bunch of what's to come. However in my own opinion the 2x Laser Sight has now become.... beyond salvation. :sshith1:

    What's wrong with the 2x reflex? Just the huge metal surrounding, obscuring the entire world?
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18 Sep 2014 10:28

24 Sep 2014 16:57

24 Sep 2014 18:22

    Looks like I'll continue to use the HSNV scope.
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