[PTS] Better finish that sticky auraxiums fast guys

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        Squad Beacons are valid spawn on squad spawnpoints
        Sticky grenades no longer apply damage twice
        Godsaw moving ads changed from 0.5 to 0.4
        The Archer can now kill small deployables with a single round
        “A” point at Hurakan Secure Storage is now in the correct region
        A bug that caused projectiles to be invalid after reloading while the Aegis shield is active has been addressed
        Players inside a SCM (Sunderer Cloak) bubble will only see the “Doritos” or enemies within 15 meters of them
        Exiting a vehicle inside a SCM bubble will now cloak you properly
        Sunderers with the SCM equipped cannot deploy within 20 meters of a cloaked enemy Sunderer
        Enemies are no long cloaked within SCM cloaking fields, but instead have a noticeable empire colored pfx applied to them
        Cloaked Sunderers can now be repaired

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    + bonus - one of new banners coming on PTS (not kidding)
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    AbneyPark wrote:+ bonus - one of new banners coming on PTS (not kidding)

    They are actually promoting teabagging as an acceptable practice? Wow. Unbelievable.
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